What is training at Rosewood K9?

Is your dog barking? How about jumping? Maybe pulling a little too much? Do they have aggression towards people and other dogs? These are all normal behaviors to expect from dogs that haven’t received the proper training. Here at Rosewood K-9, we teach YOU, the master, how to properly communicate with your companion. We teach dogs right from wrong through balanced training techniques.

Areas of training

  • Five Basic Commands
    • Sit, down, stay, come and heel.
  • House training
    • Potty training, crate training, house manners, and puppy proofing tips.
  • Behavior and obedience training
    • Teaching right from wrong at home and outdoors, performing on first command.
  • Confidence building
    • Showing dogs how to dominate obstacles and overcome fears in their daily lives.
  • Structured Leadership Education
    • Teaching YOU, the human, how to become a true master and how to structure your dog’s daily routine after it leaves Rosewood K-9.
  • Board and Train
    • From morning to night, your dog will experience private, one-on-one structured training to ensure the quickest progress.

How long will it take to train my dog?

No matter the age of your dog, we strive for positive progress from the very first session! Every companion is unique, and some can take quicker or longer than others to learn. See below for our recommended session requirements by age.

Puppy (0-5 months) – 4 Hourly Sessions

Our puppy training program consists of the Five Basic Commands as well as Basic Behavior and Obedience Training. We believe at your puppy’s young age, 4 hourly sessions would meet the time requirements necessary to transform them from disobedient to a good boy or girl! We recommend spacing out each session by week, so you can take your puppy home for 6 days and reinforce what they learned here at Rosewood K-9.

Dogs (5+ months) – 4 Hourly Sessions

Our basic training program for dogs 5 months and older includes the Five Basic Commands, Behavior and Obedience Training through balanced training techniques. What does this mean, you say? We use a balance of positive and negative reinforcement, or praise and discipline! We recommend spacing out each session by week, so you can take your dog home for 6 days and reinforce what they learned here at Rosewood K-9.

We can’t wait to meet you and your furry companion! Feel free to contact us and be sure to keep up with our Instagram for at-home training tips and tricks @rosewoodk9!

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Rosewood K-9 is a training, boarding and day care service in a structured environment for all Los Angeles dog owners.

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